Wellbeing Works – Community Toolbox

A Library of Things launches in Dundee

Wellbeing Works, a local mental health charity, are about to launch their new Community Toolbox and Workshop in the Wellgate Centre.  Based on a tools library model, members of the public can borrow tools or equipment for a small membership fee. We also have an option to Pay It Forward and buy a membership to gift to someone else.

Wendy Callander, Executive Director, said,

“We are really excited to be bringing this model to Dundee. We have visited a few different tool libraries throughout Scotland, and I think this will be a good resource for the city. Our stock includes an eclectic range of power tools, decorating equipment, carpet cleaners, baking equipment, or things like a bike rack and fold away bed!

We secured a bit of funding from the Northwood Trust and the Coldside Community Forum to get us started, and the work to build the Toolbox was carried out by Alexanders Community Development.  Wellgate have been really supportive too, and we received a donation of goods from Tayside Re-users to get add to our collection, so this really feels like a community collaboration.

Our aims at Wellbeing Works are to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people in our community, and we try to be creative in how we respond to the increasing demands on our service.  The Community Toolbox will help to tackle inequalities by offering those who maybe can’t afford to buy tools or equipment the opportunity to borrow them so they can make improvements to their home, or do something they couldn’t otherwise do, for example, borrowing a tent to go camping for the weekend. The Toolbox might also appeal to those who feel that they don’t want to buy items they might only use once in a while, like a power washer or a drill.  We are keen to do our bit towards creating a sharing economy that also reduces waste and prevents items from going to landfill, as well as offering volunteering and training opportunities for local people.

The Toolbox includes a workshop where we can teach people how to use tools, carry out small DIY projects, perhaps learn about upcycling or repurposing household items, or just get involved in some art and crafts.

Doors open on Thursday 30th September at 2 pm

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